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Vision Photo & Video, LLC

About our Services

Vision Photo & Video, LLC  has been providing Video & Action Photography services for Figure Skating Competitions for over 10 years. 

We are experiened in Basic Skills to IJS Competitions, as well as ISI events.  We offer onsite laptop viewing stations to preview our action photos.  Its very easy to spot our booth, we always have the Maroon Red tables. 

We produce the majority of our photo CD's and DVD's onsite at the competition.  We understand that Skaters, Parents and Coaches want to receive their video right away, before the next competition.  We are one of the few companies that produces DVD's on the spot to take home that day.  It is best to order early, so we can have your DVD ready as soon as possible.  If you cannot wait for your order to be created, we can either mail or instead convert your order to a Digital Download that can be received after the competition. 


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